Dear Mr. Diary… So what?

So what? I don't want to see no one, so what? I don't want to call Matt, I'm done talking to Jason! Now that he's engaged (yes, Jason is engaged to that barbie doll), I don't know what's going on he is so mad at me. Why? You ask well don't now, don't care. Yesterday... Continue Reading →


Dear Mr. Diary… Magic words!

No, it wasn't the fact that Jason is always, "please this", "please that"!No, it isn't the fact, that Evan is also soooo polite, because he has this snake eyes. They scare me, I thought he was so different, now I know how Susie got lost. I think he's so fake, fake smile, fake eyes, fake... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Diary… I miss me!

Do you miss you?? Like the essence of you?? Let me explain: I don't want to talk about others anymore, at least for today! I really want to see me and hear me and just... wonder what if wasn't here today? What if I stayed home? Would I be married by now? Would I feel...... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Diary… Home!

Hi there Mr. sweet diary! I missed you so much, but I went home... The last few days here were a mess. I had a lot of work, I was tired, Jason was always mad at me, Mr. Roberts got sick... I did my best, but I just wanted to go away and it was... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Diary… So sorry!

I am so sorry Mr. Diary! Of course I didn't forget you!!! You know I had to prepare this meeting with Jason! And I went to his place... for that! Oh Harper was there of course always complaining about something like a selfie post on Instagram, or a photo in a magazine she's in, or... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Diary… That’s not a date!

Hello Mr. Diary?? How are you??? Feeling great? Oh, I'm fine! Ok, let me tell you about last night. So I went to this fancy glamorous "truss chic" restaurant, sure the girls were so right. There were only a couple of people, quiet but with this soft music playing, with pianos and violins, so mozart!... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Diary… Meet the girls!

Hi there!!So last night I told the girls all about Matt, sorry, not all, I just told them that I'm going to have dinner with him, and they thought I met him at Charlotte's place! Remember that party? He was there!The three girls who wanted to do that stupid thing were Sarah, Courtney and Heather...... Continue Reading →

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