Dear Mr. Diary… I forgot!

… I am so sorry that I forgot to write to you!
I wrote over 124 pages of nothing, and five days ago I had this adventure…
I know, but I don’t have anyone to talk to… sorry I know I have you and I never took this time to write.
You must be wondering what happened all this days.
I don’t know if I should tell you.
I can’t focus on work…
I tried to go to the gym but even there I can’t stop thinking about what I did… 
You know me, I have to be prepared to tell you all. But I don’t think I have much more to tell, just what happen that night… then I got home and here I am, five days later and nothing…
Maybe that night adventure didn’t mean anything to anyone and it’s all in my head!
Don’t worry, when I’m ready I’ll tell you everything about it…
For now, Mr Diary, have a good night… 
Emily May

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