Dear Mr. Diary… I’m ready!

You didn’t miss me ’cause I wrote yesterday!
I didn’t say much and today isn’t really the best day to tell you everything…

Remember the other day when I told you that I was trying to make some friends and I was going to start at work?

Well. this client, a girl! just asked me to this big “Grand Opening”. Looking at her I thought she owns a bookstore and I like books, I’m saying that all the time, right? Wrong!
She owns a discotheque… I know, I know, maybe I shouldn’t said yes… But I did, it was a new year’s resolution and you know I need to have friends. Ok it’s not the best place, I kinda wish it was a book store and I could find my soulmate…

The point is I liked it and met some girls…
I had fun I really had fun and they were great, until they start talking about some evil plan against this guy…
You know me! Even though I didn’t know the guy, I couldn’t just let them do that… and he was pretty drunk…
And he was pretty too…

I know what you’re thinking… maybe I don’t, but you know me, and I couldn’t let them do that stuff to  him… So I interfered in their plans…

Now I don’t know if I still have ‘friends’ and he didn’t call me!

Tomorrow I tell you all.
I’m still waiting for something and when I’m nervous you know I can’t write well. At least for you, and you know that…

Someday I want somebody to read this pages and think what an adventure, what a life!

Emily May


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