Dear mr. Diary… I wasn’t!

Hi there…

So I didn’t was ready to tell you all about that night.
I know you’re very jealous so I didn’t want to upset you!

That night, seven days ago, I was with this group of girls at that disco when three of them started talking about this guy.
I didn’t know he was there, really!

I heard them saying that they would “stick to the plan”. I think that they took advantage of this opening to do this…

Of course I was drinking and dancing at the same time, trying to understand this “plan” but the noise and the lights. I needed to know everything but at the same time I really didn’t know who this guy was. I didn’t even know if he was there… until I went to the ladies room!

I started to think that they were just playing around, I even though that they’re messing with me, but no… They were drunk and stupid (I’m sorry but when you have an evil plan, please don’t talk loud – although you’re at the disco – and make sure anybody is listen) so they went to the ladies too…

That’s when I heard everything, who was the guy, where he was at this club…
And I though I have to do something.

When I say it’s an evil plan, I’m not talking about murder or something like that, but let’s say that whatever they were planning, it could mess up with him, his personal life and even his public life…

Yes. The answer to your question is yes… I knew the second I wrote it you would ask me.

That’s why I didn’t want to tell you.
That’s why I took so long to write.

I just wanna tell you something today…. but I can’t!
Tomorrow maybe.

Oh and work is just fine and these girls I met they asked me out again!
Just going to a bar, nothing else… I can finally meet them… but they don’t know what I did… How I messed up their stupid plan. That’s it, it wasn’t evil! It was a stupid plan!

Emily May


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