Dear Mr. Diary…What now?

So… work’s nice.
I have this girl now to take care of my appointments and stuff.
I’m really happy because the company trusts me, gave me an office, where I can be alone and work…

I really can’t work, I’m afraid that next Friday they’re going to tell me something regarding the stupid plan (not evil, just stupid..).

But I was talking about this company. I like it. I like my co-workers too… I know, Miss Summer, she should be Miss Winter, because she is so cold… The other day she called me because there was this client that was not satisfied with me! Why? But then when she told me who the client was… I just laughed it wasn’t my client it was Sue’s client. Miss Summer does not like me, so if there’s a problem, I’m the problem!!

I know you know that, almost 124 pages complaining about Miss Summer…

Changing subjects… I think I’m ready to tell you the plan, the “stupid plan”.

So that night at that disco, in the ladies room, they told “me” everything! Why “me”? They didn’t see me, I was, you know, doing my business, when they came in and started talking about it.
They wanted to lure the guy to his house (he was really really drunk), take some stupid photos with him, steal something they though it had value and just put all the pics on facebook or instagram (or even sell those pictures).

This was the plan… I know you get it yesterday, when I said “Yes”. Yes, he is famous, or kind of.
I didn’t care, I didn’t even knew that, i just couldn’t because I saw him and he was sooooooooo waisted… So I made up my mind in that ladies room, with all that noise – and I wasn’t drunk! – that I would help this guy.

What now?
That was the question… And I started my own plan!

Sorry but I have a meeting tomorrow and I should rest.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you what I did, promise!

Emily May


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