Dear Mr. Diary… Am I stupid?

Really, do you think I’m stupid?
Do you think I “gave up” on what I had on another country, with my family and friends, because I’m stupid?
I don’t think that and I can’t believe Miss Summer thinks that!
She told me that I’m not going to make in this company…

Mr. Diary what do you think? You know me for a while…
I’m going to take a break and then I’ll tell you the rest, because I have some news and I didn’t even tell you about that night.

Sorry, you’re wondering why I didn’t tell you everything in just one page (or more)?
I didn’t know that this would become so intense and I’m going out tonight with them, that’s why i took all this time today. I really need to look pretty, they are all pretty… They remind me this tv show with 5 pretty girls…

In this case, you can call me stupid, only you! Not Miss Summer.
When I heard that plan I just became to wonder and I couldn’t just go and tell this guy that doesn’t know me, about this plan, and he was waisted. So I came up with “my plan”.
Nowadays the trend is go to a club pic a guy/girl and make out with (I don’t get this “thing” but is trendy). Oh no! I didn’t make out with him, I pretended to be interested in and waisted too…

But there was a challenge on the way, it’s never been easy for me in my quests, I should have known that.
The girls started to following us, from upstairs to the taxi, and to my house…
No he didn’t came here, you’re the only one who met my place…
I just figured that they want to do stuff on his place so if I just took him to my front door they would go way, and they did.

I think they don’t know, that was me that ruined the stupid plan… I told them I had to work next morning and when I talked to the guy they were pretty far away from us. And with all the noise and lights…

And next? Right, if he didn’t came here, where did we go? Back to his place… he just mumbled the address to the taxi driver. I don’t know this city, I even got my address on my phone notes. I can’t tell you where the place is, but it’s a great house.

I’m already late.  Sorry, I’ll tell you tomorrow all about that night!

Emily May


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