Dear Mr. Diary… I’m free!

Sorry, but before I tell you all about that night and “my plan”, please just let me tell you that I’m FREE!

Yes, that’s it! I wrote and you read it. It’s exactly what you’re thinking, they don’t know what I did that night. They told me that “she” (the girl who took him away) was a blond girl (I’m not!). Nice, they were waisted too.

We went to this pub, I don’t know if it’s a pub or not, it’s a nice place to relax, have a drink and talk. The music isn’t too loud, of course they talked about their stuff, their girly stuff. Guys, makeup and clothes.
I didn’t talk that much, I was there to listen, the only thing I wanted to know if the three who followed me, saw me… they don’t have a clue. And yes, when I wrote to you last night, I had the same question, why? Why they wanted to do this to this person? And I asked… It was the only time that I spoke last night.

They’re not famous, but they have plenty of money (at least their parents), they don’t need to work, although they say they have jobs (at their parent’s companies) and they are really pretty. So I thought for a minute, that I was the bad one, that maybe that guy really did something awful to them or to one of them…

Yes, I’m tired that you guess everything. Right, pretty girls with money, they want more, they want a scandal or be famous because of something. That night I didn’t think, I just couldn’t listen to that “stupid plan” and just let them do that…

Ok, I’ll tell you! When I got to his place, he couldn’t even open the door. So I had to help him with everything! The door was the first thing, then he just began to throw up, on the couch, on the bed, in the bathroom… What a mess!
I just held his head and aim at the toilet… Wanna laugh? The only thing that came up on my mind on that moment was James Arthur’s song (“Say you won’t let go”). Don’t ask me…

You know me and again yes, I cleaned up everything. I put him to bed, only took his shirt and shoes off.
When I was leaving I did something. I don’t regret and you’ll now, soon, I left him a note.
I just thought that if this happened to me I wanted to know how I got home, who was with me…

So, I left him this note: “Hi! Hope you’re feeling well today. If you need anything call me @##########. Emily”.

He called me, last Thursday…

Emily May


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