Dear Mr. Diary… Call me?

Hi there…
I felt it. I know you’re really angry at me. I’m telling you a story and then something happens and I can’t tell you because I haven’t finished the first one.

I’m taking my time because I’m a normal person.
Do you remember when I started to write? You’re always bored and upset ’cause I didn’t have much to tell you. I complained about my internship and Miss Summer. And I told you about my job and perspectives I had towards it.

I just couldn’t make friends when I got here, it’s hard to trust people in this country…
And it’s so different from my home, my country, my people…

Sorry. I love you Mr. Diary! You’re my best friend. I’ve never had a girl best friend, only boys. You wanted to know for a while why you’re a boy. For me it’s easier to talk to boys than girls. So you’re a boy! I made you my best friend and a boy too. Lucky me!

So, I’m staying home, I have this meeting tomorrow and I don’t want to hear Miss Summer. She’s going to be there, because she thinks that are “things” (I would call it skills but whatever) that I should work on…
You know I like that job very much and I want to be the best there!

The girls called me they want to see a movie but work’s first!
Oh I know, I’m really trying not to become tired of girly stuff. That’s why I miss a boy in my life.
I’m a girl, but talking over and over about clothes and makeup and hair and all that kind of stuff… It’s exhausting, so today is just me and my work.

If no one else calls… (Just teasing you!)

Emily May


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