Dear Mr. Diary… The call.


I like to say something before I start writing to you.
The meeting was fine… no really, I did my job, I think Miss Summer wasn’t expecting that!
I’m not surprised about that, but you’re right, I was surprised about something.

Of course she tried to make look bad, but I knew all the answers, I was prepared!
And at the end, when the client and my boss were far away from us, she told me: “Nice job!” with a really happy face.

Maybe she’s just like me and she has issues when it comes to trust someone…
But I guess you’re not interesting in that ’cause I can see you yawning.

So, last Wednesday, I wasn’t fine, feeling kind of shitty (sorry the bad word, but I wasn’t in a really good place).
Before I start, I need to apologise for what I said that day. I put some thoughts on it and you’re right, sometimes we do unexpected things because you’re a good person and then comes another person and  begins to question you, like if you’re some kind of monster, I guess…

The call, was brief and it was something like this:
Me: “Hi?”
Him: “Hey this is Matt…”
Me: “Matt???….”
Matt: “Yes, the other night you left me a note? Remember?”
Me: “Sorry, I didn’t recognise your voice…”
Matt: “I would like to ask you some questions..”

Sorry Mr. Diary but really?What about thank you? Spoiler alert: He never thanked me!

Me: “Ok, shoot!”
Matt: “So you know were I live?”
Me: “No, I don’t. I didn’t get the address. You just said it to the taxi driver and he drove us there…”
Matt: “Right…”
Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t know and that info it’s not important for me!”
Matt: “Ok. And did you take something?”
(I’m not stupid…)
Me: “If you’re suggesting that I stole something from your place, I didn’t. I left the door open and your key on it. But it’s something missing?”
Matt: “No… Did you take pictures?”
Me: “Of what? Your place?”
(I really don’t get this guy)
Matt: “Of us?”
Me: “No. I don’t know you. We were drunk, I took you home and put you in bed. Then I got out. I didn’t take stuff or pictures of us or your place.”
Matt: “Ok… That’s what I needed to know.”
Me: “You know now! Bye!”

And I hung up…

Emily May


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