Dear Mr. Diary… Happy V Day, but not for me!


Day at the office: fine! Thanks for asking… No problems, I guess Miss Summer trusts me? I’m doing everything I can to earn it… but if she’s like me, I’m screwed (I’m learning new words with the girls and yes I know it means something else!!!).

This strange call, no of course not, it wasn’t from him (the guy I may not say his name and won’t say it again until he says thank you so much Emily for doing that to me), it was from Sarah…
On Valentine’s Day? She has a boyfriend, maybe had?

“So why is she calling me today?”
I wondered for ten seconds before I pick up the phone.

She wanted to have a drink but I work tomorrow, so I said it was fine if she could talk on the phone with me.
When she agreed she started crying, so more ten minutes of tears and then she told me…

She thinks her boyfriend is seeing another girl or girls!
So no Valentine’s Day for them… just like me… but I don’t have a boyfriend!

I didn’t say it to her but really? This five girls are always together, they don’t do “normal” stuff with their boyfriends, like going to the cinema, dinner, even when they have a party, they aren’t there (the boyfriends!).
I’m trying to understand how can a relationship survive?

No Mr. Know-it-all, no they don’t do that stuff either and they have “properties” (pretend I’m from royalty when I say this word)… Why? I don’t know, if I had a boyfriend (yes they have tons of money too), I would like to be with him, be at parties with him, go on a trip/vacation with him…

I don’t get it so, don’t try because you’re my diary and I told you everything I know…

What I said to her? I said that she should ask him if this is true, if he likes or if he has another girl in his life. She should be sure before making accusations! And if the answer is positive, she should ask him why? Why he did that to her? That’s my perspective. They’re together for six years now…

“So hear him out” – I said
Sarah: “I don’t wanna know! Not anymore”
Me: “Yes you want. You’re crying! This is a reaction and you know it!”
Sarah: “You’re so wise… That’s why I called you… But please don’t tell the girls. They know him too…”
Me: “I won’t say a word. But please just make sure you know the truth before making a move?”
Sarah: “I want to make a move…”
Me: “Oh no… No, no, no! Please don’t ask me to do something for you, about this matter…”
Sarah: “Please… You just have to be there with me…”
Me: “For what? What you want me do with you???”
Sarah: “I’m going to follow my boyfriend tomorrow. He told me he has an appointment at this restaurant. I have everything… I just need someone to be with me there… I need to see what he’s doing behind my back!”
Me: “First things first, did you ask him why is going to this appointment and with who?”
Sarah: “He said it was a client. At a restaurant? No, he’s lying to me. I know him! Please, Emily…”
Me: “Ok Sarah… I’ll go with you. Text me please the address and time. But remember I do work!”
Sarah: “Oh I know… Don’t worry the meeting is at 9 p.m. . You can come, right?”
Me: “Yes, by that time I’m home… So see you tomorrow?”
Sarah: “Thanks!! See you!! Bye!!!”

So… Strange call, no V Day for Sarah, I have to keep another secret… and I’m at home, alone…
But for all out there who are sharing this day with your love ones, have the best time!

Emily “Detective” May


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