Dear Mr. Diary… No, no, no! Yes, yes, yes!

Don’t mind the tittle, do you?

The first half today, sure today is all about soccer (in my country is football).
So, first half of the day… Not great!
Not for me, for Sue, that poor girl. I get Miss Summer, I do. It’s work and we all should be responsible. But You know all about Sue, she’s not a bad employee, she doesn’t have it, she’s clumsy and always distracted.
I can tell you one thing, she’s a great person and she’s honest, she always says that it is her fault when it is. I think sometimes she says that and it isn’t?
I don’t know, I saw her crying but all I got from her was: “No, no, no!”.
And then I just kicked the ball to Evan, he was quite interested on the matter. Maybe something about him? Don’t care, I don’t like him, he is FAKE!

But I’m smarter than him so I’m ok, but Sue isn’t and she really trusts him…
Can I tell you something? He’s messing up with Sue… I can feel it…

Second half: I just got home. I went to the restaurant with Sarah and Neil (her boyfriend) was there with a girl. I didn’t see any wrong. They didn’t kiss, hold hands, she was not that pretty. But Sarah just couldn’t seat straight and talk to me. We didn’t know their table, so we sat randomly.
She tried to see the girl’s face, but she couldn’t. I just wanted to laugh out loud, sorry, but I wanted.

I tried to talk to her. She wouldn’t listen to me:
Me: “So, we can’t see them. It really seems like a meeting. I know it’s a girl…”
Sarah: “I want to see her face. I won’t leave Emily!”
Me: “Ok. But at least you could you eat something?”
Sarah: “Oh look!! They’re leaving!! I have to go, sorry, I’ll be here in a minute, don’t leave!!”

Ten minutes later… The ball was not my side anymore…
Me: “So… Who’s that girl? Do you know her? She’s a client! I knew it!”
Sarah: “No, he’s the client… She’s the manager from a jewellery store.. I know her! And I’m happy!”
Me: “Sarah, did you talk to her?”
Sarah: “I have her phone number and when she left I called her…”
Me: “What??? You didn’t…”
Sarah: “He’s buying an engagement ring! For me!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!”

Yes, yes yes, indeed…

Emily “Not doing this again” May


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