Dear Mr. Diary… I don’t know!

Hi… Can I ask you something?
What did I do? You don’t get it…

Do you know who called me today?
Oh no, today I’m ready to talk, I don’t even want to think about this, I want to write about this. Ok, I want to talk to you abou this!

Sarah called me and told me not to tell what we did and that we know about the “rrring” (she says it that way!).
First, I’m not proud of what I done, but I didn’t do anything, blame it on her!
Second, why I should tell her friends something that she doesn’t know yet, because her boyfriend didn’t ask her and second it’s her engagement… not mine! Get it?

I told her that and she was like: “I’m so stupid…”.
She is a really nice person but I guess the others do that kind of stuff to her, but not me.

Oh and Courtney called me too. Wanted to make plans for Saturday. Maybe… That’s my answer, for now.

So, Matt called me. Please… I’m saying his name because he thanked me. He told me that when he made that call he was with his friends. Maybe or maybe not, I’m not that stupid girl anymore.

Matt: “Hi, it’s me again…”
Me: “Hi… Now I can recognise your voice on the phone…”
Matt: “I’m so sorry, I was with my friends. I shouldn’t have said that and be rude ate the same time.”
Me: “The thing is, you should have asked questions. That’s why I left you the note. I wanted to know! But those questions? Really?”
Matt: “You’re right, please, just let me make it up to you!”
Me: “The only thing I want is a “Thank you Emily”?
Matt: “Thank you Emily! But I’m not that kind of person. So I want to have dinner with you…Saturday? Are you free?”
Me: “…I am not. Sorry, a friend just called me, we’re going out for the weekend, I’m not in town…”
Matt: “Ok… Can I text you, maybe some other day… It’s just I don’t have much time, with my work, you know, but I want this dinner…”
Me: “Ok Matt, text me when you can!”
Matt: “Ok Emily! Bye! And… can I tell you something??”
Me: “Of course!”
Matt: “I really like your name!”
Me: “Thanks Matt! Bye…”

I told him I had plans, but the whole weekend away?
What I’ve become?
A liar? I said Courtney I would think about it…
I know… The question is do you really want this dinner? You just wanted the “Thank you”…

I did, I do and I don’t know…
I just don’t know… Should I go if he asks me again?
Think about it Mr. Diary, I need you…

Emily “Confused” May


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