Dear Mr. Diary… Bye!

I’m not leaving you! Just for a couple of days…
Heather called me and made up my mind.

They have fancy houses, with fancy pools and fancy closets, in a fancy group of villages… You getting there.

And I’m going of course. I need it! I won’t spend much money and it’s an opportunity to meet new people, maybe interesting people, who likes to read books and stay home just like me! (Not!!)

Do you think I need this? We’re going today… I’ve never left the house for so much time alone since I got here. I’m not scared of leaving the house, I’m scared of leaving you in this place!
Yes, you have my secrets and you also know me so well.

If something happens to you, I wouldn’t know what to do or what to feel?

I had a great week at work, no problems at all and I’m not stressed. It’s the perfect time to have this vacation! I know it’s on the weekend but for me it’s vacation!

So, I’ve been thinking about Matt. I should text him and say that I don’t want to have dinner with him. I should be honest with you, he is like a dream, he’s cute and I sure like his voice…
I need to be more honest with you, I searched him online and he’s married, so I’m not that kind of girl who wants to dinner with a famous married guy, just because I helped him one night?

I’m questioning you because you know me and when I talk to you…you just keep me grounded.

I don’t wanna be rude to him, but don’t get me wrong, if his wife knew I had been on her place with her drunk husband and helped him… I’m sure I wouldn’t be pleased a bout that or even have dinner with that girl.
She might think that I’m a stalker or something like that.

And you also know this deep secret I have: I don’t want to be famous or be associated with famous people… I know some clients of the firm and they’re famous and I’m like “Hi!”, “How are you”, nothing more. I wouldn’t call them, have a meal with them, or anything else…

I have to pack now, we’re going today and we’re staying at Charlotte’s, because they say she has the best pool. I saw pictures of all the houses and I think they all have great pools! I don’t get it…

Oh, I’m not going to lie to you… They’re hosting a party at Charlotte’s… And I’ll be there!
I’ll write you when I get home but if I’m too tired… maybe on Monday?? Sorry!!!!!

I also talked to my parents today! Everything is fine and the same… Miss them a lot!

Emily “Party Time” May


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