Mr. Diary… Oh no!

I’m so tired Mr. Sweet Diary!

Just because I didn’t say “Hi”, I need to be lovely to you!
Something happened at Charlotte’s house, at that party but I’ll tell you more when I’m ready.

Let me say to you that I’ve never been on a place like that. The houses… they’re amazing!
And I met a lot of different people. Crazy people, normal people, quiet people, loud people. The only thing they had in common is they are all very wealthy or at least their parents.

Neil was there (Sarah’s boyfriend, remember?).
The other girls didn’t bother to call their boyfriends, I guess… But I think Sarah listened to me. It’s really important in a relationship, being together, do something together, even if you have to stay all day in a house. If I had houses like that I would be there every weekend!

Maybe their boyfriends need to work on the weekend, don’t ask me, I’m not ready to ask them out that. I told that to Sarah because she needed me and she opened up her heart.
I don’t give free advices, specially when I don’t know the person that well. But I’m close to Sarah now, I know one secret!! And it’s a big one too!

Oh no… It’s too late for me today… I have work to prepare for tomorrow…

The only thing I can say, for now, is that I had much fun at that house, at the party and he was there…

Yes… you know “who”!

Tomorrow! Ok?

Emily May


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