Dear Mr. Diary… Ups!


So I went to work this morning and I saw Abby! I was late so I didn’t say much, but she was sad?
I don’t know her that well so I couldn’t tell at that time and I was late.

When I got there, I looked up my phone and I had a text message from Abby: “Please don’t tell the girls you saw me this morning… Do you wanna have lunch with me? :(“.

I couldn’t say no to her, she seemed sad. I’m going to say sad because now I know she isn’t sad.
Lunch time! I love lunch time, right?
Not today…

Abby is not sad, she’s worried, she has some medical issues. I don’t know for sure and she’s hurt too.
Well, I said that to you so many time, this girls they don’t even invite their boys to a party, what do they expect from them? Loyalty?

I had the exactly same conversation with Abby. They don’t do stuff together, she didn’t even tell him she has this “medical thing” (I don’t know what it is, she didn’t tell me either). I get it, sometimes is hard to tell someone about a problem, but you feel better if you say it out loud. At least you hear it!

And sometimes is all that we need. When I write to you, I’m talking to you and you’re talking to me back. I’m not listening to me, but when I read this again I’m hearing my self speaking to you, and I remember our conversation, even what you though about that.

We all need something or someone we can hold on to. So Abby talked to me about her boyfriend, didn’t get his name and didn’t ask, ’cause things are really bad for them. I saw his texts messages… GOD! I don’t want a boyfriend like that! I didn’t tell her that, ok? No, I didn’t!

So, when I got back to work and left Abby, she was fine, I guess (she also told me no to tell the girls – I’m starting to get used to this…), and then, I did something wrong…

Sarah called me, but I was with Abby and she asked me not to answer my phone. So I was going back to my office and I wanted to call Sarah, but I don’t know, really, and you have to believe me, I was thinking about all that Abby told me, that I called Matt… I was so lucky, because Evan ran into me, and asked me if I could help him, that I hang up, I guess he didn’t pick up the phone…

Ups… I’m not doing it again…
Oh, sorry, I’ll tell about Charlotte’s party tomorrow? Sorry again…

Emily May


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