Dear Mr. Diary… Party time!

Yes Mr. we’re going to talk about it right now…

So what happened on the weekend? First of all, great party on Saturday at Charlotte’s!

But before I start, I would like to tell you something… I really like Charlotte.
She is amazing! She’s a working lady with plans, for her, her life, her daily day… I’m not jealous, I really look up to her and I want to be like her. She’s older than me, but she’s AMAZING!
Sometimes I don’t get why the girls talk to me and tell me secrets if they have Charlotte!
I bet Charlotte would give them good advices, after all they’ve been friends for years now…

Anyway, I was having fun and meeting new people, there were some crazy girls, just looking for attention, and when I was looking at this view, just minding my business… I was far away, I was thinking if I had a view like that I would write and read more…

There was a lot of noise, a lot of people, a lot of fun! Sorry you missed all that. I couldn’t risk having you there, what if someone took you? Get it now???
Just when I was wondering of what I could do, who I could be (like Sasha Fierce!), having a place like that… this guy behind me said:

Guy: “So, do you like this view?”
Me: “Like it? I love it!”
Guy: “So, it’s your first time here, I guess…”
Me: “Yes! How..?”
Guy: “‘Cause I’ve never seen someone staring at it so much.”
Me: “Sorry, but I think it’s beautiful…”
Guy: “Do you mind turning around?”
Me: “Oh no, sorry…”
Guy: “Hi there! I’m Matt! Nice to meet you…”

OH GOD! And there he was… With his big blue eyes, staring at me. Why did I stare at that window?
Oh, I regret it… and then:

Me: “Emily… May…”
Matt: “Do I know you? …You… I…”
Me: “Oh sorry, Charlotte’s calling me… Talk to you later?”

Talk to you later? Are you stupid Emily? I jest kept avoiding him all night! GREAT PLAN EMILY!

Mr. Diary you can call me that too. What have I done?
I should have told him, right? What do you think?

Oh, you need to think?
Me too… What if he calls me again?

What am I going to say!

Emily “Stupid” May


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