Dear Mr. Diary… Update: Secrets!

So Mr. Diary,
Since that day I met the girls, my life is upside down.

At the first the “evil plan”, became a “stupid plan” that I turned into “my plan”. Because of that I met this guy, who at first seemed a rude person, then a kind person, and now he wants to have dinner with me…
I met him again at Charlotte’s party and didn’t say a word. But I’m guessing he knows about me…
And this is my first secret, the girls don’t know what I did! And I found out he’s married, so… whatever…

Then I had a little adventure with Sarah, we went to this restaurant to watch her boyfriend in a meeting, because she thought he was cheating on her… and we discovered that he had this secret meeting with this girl just for the engagement “rrrring”! Sarah is so happy… but now I have another secret, and I can’t tell the girls…

Work was fine, until I saw Sue crying… I think Evan is fake and he’s doing things behind Sue’s back and then miss Summer blames her. I don’t have proof, but I will. I like Sue a lot!

Now I have another secret. Abby’s secret.. She has a medical condition, I don’t know how bad it is, but I know about it… And she also showed me all the text messages her boyfriend sends her when he’s pissed off. She has some concerns about him and she also thinks he is cheating on her… That’s my third secret!

This is my life right now…
Long ago I wished I had a life like this, having friends, going to parties, meeting new people…
But now it’s all about secrets… And I used to say that I’m an honest person.

Can I say now that?
Can I Mr. Diary?
What do you think?

Emily “Secrets” May


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