Dear Mr. Diary… He’s back!

Oh God,
You can’t imagine what happened today at work…
I was doing some stuff that Miss Summer asked me, when somebody knocked at my door.

Yes, there he was, with his brown honey eyes staring at me:
“Hi there Emily!”
“Hi! Jason, you’re back?” – Me
“Maybe, you should ask my father, he has the answer!” – Jason

And then we laugh.
Yes, he is my boss’s son. We have a great story, we started at the same time, on the same desk and I didn’t know who he was. He didn’t tell me because people have the same thoughts and ideas when it comes to the boss’s son.

He is a clever and wonderful guy, such a nice soul. He’s kind too! But then I found out… And the next day he was gone. He just sent me an email, saying that his father needed him in another office, another city.

I was truly falling for him. He is everything a girl wants. And we talked about it on the day he told me who he was and then he just disappeared.

“So, Jason, how are you?”
“Fine Em… And you??”
“I am. I missed you… here at the office!”
“Me too, I like this office better. Oh, I want you to meet this person outside!”

And there she was a blond tall girl with dark blue eyes, tanned skin but a great body…
“So Emily, this is my girlfriend Harper!” – Jason
“Nice to meet you Harper, I’m Emily!”

She was just so rude, never opened her mouth and just hand me her hand like she was the queen of England, expecting me to kiss her hand?

I returned to my office very upset.
Jason followed me:
“I’m sorry… She’s not like this! I promise you!”
“I don’t care anymore Jason, I really liked you, and then you leave… And now you come here with a girl. And I did make an effort, but…”
“She’s not used to…”
“To what Jason? To be around with poor people? With workers? Yes she’s all Louis Vuittoned up!” (I don’t know if this is a word I could use to describe the pose)

“Emily, you’re so right! And I don’t like her… but I have business with her father…”
“What? Jason I thought you were better then that!”
“Can we have dinner, tomorrow? I really need to talk to you. You have to let me explain everything…”
“Jason… I…”
“Please Emily! I missed you…”

I said yes with my head and then he walked away.
I’m not in love with the guy and now, just knowing that he just like rich stupid girls? “It’s business” No it’s not. I thought he was different. I really don’t want to have dinner with him, but I said yes, now I have too.

Emily May


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