Dear Mr. Diary… The kiss!

Hi there Mr. Diary,

I haven’t been with the girls and I really need to talk to them all.
I was with Jason tonight…
We had a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.

I was to upset to talk to him but I started:
“So, you’re only with this Harper girl, because you have business with her rich daddy?”
“No, Em… I have businesses with her father, but I’m with her because I thought she was like you.”
“Like me??? Jason, are you insulting me?”
“No, sorry, when I met her, I couldn’t get over the fact I didn’t say goodbye to you, because I was definitely falling for you”

OH GOD! He said it, I just couldn’t stare at him anymore, my eyes were all wet…

“And I didn’t know who she was… I was over there with no one…”
“Jason, at least you had my email and the company’s phone, and you could send me your personal number… I’m sorry but I thought you were different. I was liking you too, but know, I don’t really care. I’m happy for you”

I wasn’t, I don’t know if I was sad because he turned out to be another person, or because of his stupid blend girlfriend… I just wanted to disappear… Just wanted to say to him, go away and please go back to the other office…

“Emily, I’m sorry. First, I’m going to break up with her… Because I don’t like her and because she doesn’t want to move here!”
“So, you’re staying?”
“Yes and I’m not going anywhere!”
“I’m happy for you, but can I be honest with you?
“That’s what I like about you Em…”
“I’m hurt… and all these days I didn’t know about you, and hoping you would come back and be my partner at the office again, are over… I couldn’t imagine you could be this way… Can we leave?”

He nodded his head yes… And when I was leaving, yes I took a cab, he just said:
“Emily, I missed, I’m so sorry for what I should have done and you’re so right about everything!”
And he kissed me… I felt butterflies…

I took the cab and left him… not saying a word. He has a girlfriend and he’s my boss too…
I need to think…

Emily May


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