Dear Mr. Diary… I made up my mind!

Hi there!
I’m not confused anymore…

Sorry, I didn’t go with Matt last night… I wasn’t in the mood and maybe I will never get to dinner with this guy.
I think he’s nice and cute and all that stuff, famous too, but he’s married, I guess… and first of all he’s not my type and this is a thank you dinner, period.

I stayed home, and tomorrow I’m going to talk to Jason… Yes I made up my mind!
I do like to talk to him, he is so clever and bright, sometimes I just want to hear him out for hours, saying “budget” and “captivate” and “trend” and all kind of job related words, (can I call them that?).
Then we would lunch together and he was a different guy, he has money, but he always talked to me like he didn’t, we talked about politics or vacation. I had surreal conversations with him, I told him my dreams and hopes, I really opened my heart to him…

At the end of the day he always checked up on me, even when he was out with a client, he texted me… and the last thing he always wrote was “…and remember EM, dream big!”, because he knows I’am a dreamer. For me all that texts were the best thing ever. He believes in me and my dreams, and that was just what I needed to hear at the end of a rough day…

Jason is patiente, kind and bright, basically all that a girl could imagine, and that’s why I can’t imagine why he picked up a girl like Harper. Blond and snob, she’s not clever, she didn’t study and the only thing she does all day his taking selfies and at the same time she says “Hi there people I’m Harper”. The other day she was doing this at Jason’s office when I came in, so I said:
“Sorry Harper, now you have to tape again” and she replied:
“No, I’m not doing a video! I’m taking selfies!”

Can someone explain to me why you would take selfies talking? That’s why I called her stupid…

Despite all of this I’m sure of what I’m saying to Jason. I think we should try, I loved the kiss, I admire him, he’s a wonderful guy, at least he was before he left me…

That’s what I’m saying to Jason… We should try, we should give us a chance…
What do you think? Am I right??

Love you so much Mr. Diary!!!
Emily May


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