Dear Mr. Diary… So wrong…

So I was talking to Jason today, right?
Making sure we were at the same page… and we were, just let me tell you!

He didn’t want to lunch with me, when we used to do that and he texted me almost at the end of the day to talk about what happened and that I should wait for him on my office…

Ok, that’s when I thought I’m getting fire! But it was even worse…
My speech was “Jason I’m so sorry about our last encounter. I have to say that wasn’t what I expected, and also we work together, it might be difficult… But I want to give this a try!” and we’ll be happy forever!

NO! This is a fairytale story in an alternative world of Emily’s life. Nothing in my life is easy so why should this be? Why a guy like him would want a girl like me? I’m not the right girl for him, he’s so right about this too. He’s always right… about everything.

So I was at my office just reviewing  my speech over and over again when he came through the door and said:
“Hi Emily. I’m going to be brief. That kiss meant nothing to me, I have a beautiful and hot girlfriend, who likes me a lot. And we work together. And I’m so glad that this happened because I don’t want to be friends with you, I’m your boss. I’m going to work here now, so I don’t need this kind of situations. Am I clear?”

“Has water! Bye!” And I left…

The girls? I’ve been talking to them. Sarah is acting kind of weird, I think she’s paranoid or something. Maybe he boyfriend has a plan to the engagement rrrring right? I don’t know but she calls me every night worried about a thing she shouldn’t be. But since she wanted to spy on him, I just said that what goes around comes around! We shouldn’t have done it… and now she’s suffering!!

They wanted to go out today, but I’m not in the mood…

Matt? I have news, yes although I didn’t go to dinner last saturday, he’s being kind of persuasive and I think he is a nice guy, oh I asked about that fact that I can’t get out of my mind (he’s married!!).
He said that actually he is going through a divorce…

I’m thinking about have that dinner with him, after all he wants to thank me about that night and I wanted that from de beginning of this story…

Bye for now Mr. Diary…

Emily “Sad” May


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