Dear Mr. Diary… Work time!

Hi there Mr. !

First day of work with Jason working side by side with me, because he doesn’t have an office and while this isn’t happening, I’m stuck with him at my office.
I suggested two tables to Miss Winter (I know it’s Summer!), she was so cold today…. She always liked Jason, but I think she could be her mother!… but secretly she has a crush on him, I guess.

Based? She almost passed out when Jason told her that he was going to work with me at my office. And then everything I asked her she was like answering to me with a jealously huffy toned voice.
She shouldn’t be cold towards me, he has a girlfriend now… But deep down she thought he would choose to work with her… But she doesn’t do much she’s almost her dad’s secretary, but he has one!

Of course work was painful today. I barely talked to him, I’m hurt… For me it’s hard to breath the same air when you’re with that person in the same room. The person who hurt you, when you were all about him and to tell him that I wanted him… He doesn’t want to be friends anymore!

He asked me some stuff, talked on the phone, even his stylish blondish girlfriend was there asking if what dress colour she should buy for this stupid party they’re going next saturday…

At the end of the day I just couldn’t take it anymore so I told him:
“Jason, I know you’re my boss and I respect your decision. But this is my office and it’s not that I don’t like Harper (I don’t like her, she’s annoying), and I get she has such important decisions to make (a dress to a party), but this is a work place, and I was distracted with all that stuff in here (yes she brought the dresses to my office – all gorgeous).”
“That’s right, I’m going to talk to her. Sorry about that.”
“That’s ok, I think it’s not fair that I can’t do my job because of that kind of stuff.”
“Don’t worry, in two weeks I’ll have my office done and until then Harper won’t be bothering us here, for sure.”


Emily “Two weeks of life” May


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