Dear Mr. Diary… Meet Mr. Roberts (aka my boss)!

Another day at the office…
Yes I have this clock with a countdown… Two weeks… so much time.

It’s so hard to work with Jason, sometimes I look at him and I just wish I could turn back time. I wish I could go to that dinner and kiss him back and tell him what I really feel about him.

Harper didn’t come today… Yet, I couldn’t concentrate on absolutely nothing.
Me and Matt? Why do you want to talk about him?
I’ve talking to him, I’m having dinner with him, next friday because he has some work things and he really wants to thank me…

I’m going out tonight with the girls. I can’t keep all this stuff to me.
First I’m going to tell them about Matt, then I have to tell them about Jason and work.

Oh I had an argument today with Jason, work related, but I guess now he treats me so bad when he thinks he’s right. Oh and he’s dad, my boss, just walked in and saw him screaming at me and stuff…

So when Jason left at the end of the day, I just couldn’t stop crying. I thought I was alone but then Mr. Roberts just came in (he’s my boss, Jason’s dad):
“I’m sorry Emily, for my son.” Mr. Roberts said
“No, Mr. Roberts, it’s not your fault. It’s our fault.”
“Why are you blaming yourself? May I sit?”

Mr. Roberts is an excellent boss, a great and kind person and he cares about us employees. He has a giant heart! He donates to charities, goes to hospitals, does voluntary work. I just can’t say how much I like him and he’s the reason I didn’t leave when I had all that problems with Miss Summer. Back the he told me she used to be a great girl, just like me, but she had a huge problem in her life and then got bitter…

“I think we have unfinished business and we need to work it out. I remember Jason, before he left and we’re great together… Uh, I mean, working together…”
“Dear Emily, I saw you back then, you were both stupendous but now I’m starting to regret that I asked Jason to go the other office…” – Mr. Roberts

Dear Mr. Diary I always thought he didn’t like us together, I even thought that he sent him away to separate us! I was so wrong…

“I did that because Jason needed to prove his value, my wife told me he was frustrated, but she also told me back then that he liked you, I mean he liked working with you…”
“I’m sorry Mr. Roberts I’ll talk to Jason! We can work this out! (Can we Emily??)
“Can I tell you two secrets Emily?”
“Of course! I’ll keep them”
“I don’t like that Harper girl and I would be proud if my boy found a girl like you… Or, if the girl was you.. Have a good night”
“Thank you so much! You’re a great person Mr. Roberts! Have a good night!”

He likes me and I like him so much…
I need to talk to Jason today! That’s it, I’m not going out with the girls I’m going to talk with Jason!
Thanks Diary I realised has I has talking to you, that you’re right I should face my problems!

Emily “Confident” May?


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