Dear Mr. Diary… Meet the girls!

Hi there!!
So last night I told the girls all about Matt, sorry, not all, I just told them that I’m going to have dinner with him, and they thought I met him at Charlotte’s place! Remember that party? He was there!

The three girls who wanted to do that stupid thing were Sarah, Courtney and Heather… Now I like Sarah, she’s great and we have a secret! But Heather and Courtney they are pure evil! Sometimes!!!
These two were like jealous that I am going to have a “date” with Matt. They don’t know it’s a thanking date, can I call it that?

Charlotte’s was like:
“I know him since we were kids and he is an amazing guy. His wife left him for another guy who supposedly was a rising singer star! And now she is just in a bad shape, I think they’re doing drugs and stuff. And he isn’t a rising star he is a fallen star!!” and she laughed out loud.
Charlotte’s is the one I like the most! She’s a short skinny girl, with a little nose and big dark mysterious eyes and her hair is blond and short like a boy’s hair! But she rocks it!
When it comes to personality she’s up front and honest, like me!

But then Heather just said:
“Oh, poor Emily, he just wants to have fun with you!”
Heather has this muscular body, long legs, bold long hair and large expressive blue eyes. She is pretty I guess but pure pure evil sometimes. She can be unpleasant and aggressive, but she has determination! She was the mastermind on that stupid plan!

“No, I mean, I think, I know him too, and I think Charlotte’s right he is amazing, I guess…” This was Sarah talking. You know Sarah we have a secret! I like her a lot, she is this tall curvy girl with a long brown hair and little brown eyes. When it comes to her personality, I’m not that found of her. She’s responsible girl, but she’s so vulnerable! She’s influenced by others and she doesn’t own an opinion, she’s always guessing, because I think deep inside she only wants to fit somewhere or everywhere!

“Really Sarah? You’re that naive? Sometime you’re so dum. I’m with Heather! He just wants to use you, he’s an actor, he’s cute and recently divorced. He just wants to have fun. God, you’re so dumb Emily and such a believer. You believe in love at the first sight,  you’re a dreamer! And a sucker too!” This is Courtney, sometimes she reminds me of Courtney Love! She’s younger than me, like Sarah and Heather. These 3 girls were involved in the stupid plan, Sarah was influenced by them and they were pretty drunk too. So, I was saying, Courtney is medium high person, she dresses very well and she always wear make up! She has this dark long hair, sometimes with curls. But I guess she is very pretty because she has eyes like a cat! Green envious intense eyes! Like her dark hair she has this dark personality. She’s cold, jealous, emotionally unavailable, sometimes indifferent at the girls problems! She’s cold-hearted, critical and hostile! I wonder if she is a robot?

“Oh, you only see the worst in people. Emily, trust Charlotte! She knows him since pre-school. She always told me wonderful things about him. I don’t know him but I trust Charlotte and her judgement”. Meet Abby, the simple innocent girl! She has this long white face, blond hair and brown honey eyes. She doesn’t see bad in people, she’s always happy (although we both know about her boyfriend… our secret!), and her heart is filled with love! That’s why I don’t get how she’s with that stupid boyfriend of hers!

So remember when I gave you that order: Charlotte, Abby, Sarah, Courtney and Heather? So, it’s ordered by favouritism. I like Charlotte the most and Heather is like my worst nightmare when it comes to personality, she reminds me of Evan (work guy).

I didn’t talked about Jason. He didn’t show up to work again. He’s sick, he texted me today!
About Matt, I’m going I think Charlotte’s advice was the best, she told me that:
“Listen Emily, it’s just a dinner, he’s great you’re great, just see how it goes!”
“I think that too!” said Sarah
“You should wear something decent for a change!” That’s the only thing Courtney said and Heather didn’t say a thing just agreed with Courtney!
And the Abby told me: “I will help you Emily. I have this appointment tomorrow and after work we’re going shopping!”

And we did! I feel amazing! I have this red cherish dress, I went to a hairdresser, I wasn’t in one for ages! I had the best time with Abby!
She’s thinking of let her boyfriend go… She is a happy girl but nowadays she’s unhappy, I told her that. She should break up with him!

I’m ready now! I’m going out with Matt!!

Emily May


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