Dear Mr. Diary… That’s not a date!

Hello Mr. Diary??

How are you???

Feeling great? Oh, I’m fine!

Ok, let me tell you about last night.

So I went to this fancy glamorous “truss chic” restaurant, sure the girls were so right.

There were only a couple of people, quiet but with this soft music playing, with pianos and violins, so mozart!

There were so much space between the tables that we couldn’t hear others and be heard. It was so calm so peaceful. I am saying it was the perfect spot.

The food was amazing, I’ll have to tell you about it someday, not today.

We talked about our work at first, he didn’t want to talk about that stupid night! I think we won this battle his job is so cool and he knows so much famous people! And all the stories he told me, the pranks on set, the mistakes and laughs, the funny jokes about other actors. Really, I thought I was there with that people and seeing and living it. He is a story teller and an entertainer, we talked about his job for hours.

Then he asked about my interests. Again, he won this one too. I moved here recently, I don’t have friends, I mean real friends, I have the girls but we just met. Of course I don’t go hiking mountains, doing road trips, going to fancy or even Hollywood parties, I mean he has a glamorous life. A few have it. Of course he told me about some celebrities, some funny stupid stuff and he talked again for hours. Somehow, again, I was driven by his word, I was in that party with that person I saw someone famous felling in the pool or caught in a bad situation when you don’t remember that celebrity name!

So, I have this work thing tomorrow with Jason and I really had to go… I told him, I really have to go to the office tomorrow…

“Emily, I have to thank you so much again, for being a nice person to me that night!” – Matt said

“No problem… I think we should all be this way, maybe the world could be a better place.”

“I’m sorry not asking about what happened, but I just wanted to know you has a person. And now, by the end of the night I feel like I… don’t need to ask you anything. I’m glad you were the girl who went home with me that night.”

“Thank you Matt. I really need to go home.” (Yes I didn’t know what to say, so I panicked, I just, I don’t, I mean, so I did this!)

“Can we have another… How can I say it?”- Matt

(Oh God, not another… meeting ? – Emily thought)

“Oh I’m going to say it anyway. Can we have a first date? This wasn’t a date, this was a thank you kind of thing, and now I can’t stop talking, because I’m nervous and you might think that I’m crazy or a jerk. Maybe it’s to soon, but I have to be honest with you. And now I’m going to stop talking and listen to you…”

“I… It would be great. I don’t have anyone…”

“Oh sorry I didn’t even ask…. I just… Because you know about my divorce, right? I mean, I didn’t even think about asking if you were dating someone…”

(Yes diary, I knew about the divorce and he was right I would tell him if I was seeing someone. Am I? The Jason thing? The feelings I have for this person are strong but I can’t tell you that I love him, now that he said it, and it feels so wrong…)

“So… Can I text you?”

“Sure! Bye Matt!”

“Bye Emily!”



Emily May


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