Dear Mr. Diary… So sorry!

I am so sorry Mr. Diary!

Of course I didn’t forget you!!! You know I had to prepare this meeting with Jason!

And I went to his place… for that!

Oh Harper was there of course always complaining about something like a selfie post on Instagram, or a photo in a magazine she’s in, or a dress that doesn’t fit anymore, or a purse that she needs to buy.

She is so shallow, I just can’t believe that he picked this one and now I don’t regret telling him what I felt!

Yes, F-E-L-T! Past! Because of everything, how can I be with a guy that says what he said to me, but still he is with this girl, why he didn’t break up with her?

And why do we have to work with her right beside us?

I’m not jealous, that I felt the day he introduced her, now, I feel pity. She is so intense that maybe he tried to break up with her but she didn’t understand! I’m so mean.

So what I figured out this weekend, my heart is now healed, I don’t have feelings for Jason anymore and I just want to be with the girls!

Oh, right, sorry, I went to his place, Harper was there, we did our job perfectly, agreed in everything and on Monday, it was amazing we just nailed at the meeting, it’s a brand new giant client!

Mr. Roberts called us at is office and said that we should work like this more often! He congratulated both and then said that he needed to talk to Jason, so I left!

Well it was such a busy day yesterday that I just came home and sleep! I was so tired!

Today something happened at the office… I caught Evan sneaking at my office and when I did I asked:

“What are you doing here?”

“Uh… I was looking for a form… I guess you don’t have those?”

“I don’t work with forms, that’s Sue work. So you should ask her, and if you ever need something ask me first, because I don’t go sneaking around your office so I expect you to do the same!”

“Of course, sorry Emily”

And now I just close my office with my key. I wish I didn’t have to do this, but this Evan…


Emily May


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