Dear Mr. Diary… Home!

Hi there Mr. sweet diary!

I missed you so much, but I went home…
The last few days here were a mess.

I had a lot of work, I was tired, Jason was always mad at me, Mr. Roberts got sick…

I did my best, but I just wanted to go away and it was the best for me.

Now I’m back again to this incredible big city and I missed it too.

About Matt…
Things were fine, we were finally getting along but I had work and he had to work to, far away from here, like 3 hours on a plane. He promised to visit but he has this manager, yes a woman, you guess it right… and she kept giving him stuff to do, so he couldn’t travel…

We talked on the phone, skyped, texted, but it’s not the same thing… then I went home.
When I was in my country I saw a picture of the movie he’s filming and he seemed fine… with a girl, and I think they’re in love… don’t know… he never texted me back since I left…

I wanted to text him earlier but I just… he’s happy and he has this big movie coming out soon, so why bother him? I’m sure he’s over me…

What about me? Or my feelings… you ask… I’ll tell you: I’m used to this, no big deal. First Jason , then Matt… maybe there is someone out there for me!

The girls are fine, they came to visit me and my country they loved it and had a great time!
I’m glad I have this girls in my life! They can be crazy sometimes, but they showed me a lot of things, that I couldn’t even imagine, of course they have money but they are nice and kind too!

I’ll tell you later about the news. At least I have something to tell you about some of the girls!
Yes, change is coming, not only for me, but for them too.

I’m glad for everything that happened! For better or worst, I think, everything happens for a reason!

Emily May


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