Dear Mr. Diary… What is love?

Can you believe this?

I know! I knew it! Now at work I have to put up with that sneaky Evan.
Grrr… my day was unreal.

But now at least I know how he can turn Susie’s head. He is so nice and polite. He opens you the door and smile, he knows what you like, because he brought me my favorite coffee!
He is a snake a real one!!!

I miss Matt… He called me, he’s in town but he is busy… I just, I didn’t pick it up and then he texted me… I was working and Evan was there… It’s complicated…

I called Charlotte yesterday, she’s not in town, but she told me I should go for him… Should I?
Should I invest even if it is a tinny bit of my heart in this guy? Or other guy?

I’ve never been in love, like I was with Jason, I mean, I didn’t know it was love until he went away…

What is love?? Oh my sweet diary, love is a feeling.
You have it when you find someone and your heart starts beating faster and faster when that person is with you. And you’re worried about everything, like the way you look, the way you act, the way you talk… and when that person leaves, there’s a hole in your heart, that you can’t explain… and then you start missing… and wondering and even dream about that person… he/she is always in your head, in your heart… and if everything goes your way and if that person feels the same, that’s pure love…

Of course love isn’t perfect… All humans have flaws, we aren’t perfect, so we also learn to forgive and forget… and also to compromise.
When you’re with someone you love, you can’t do everything you want, you also have to do what your partner wants and likes too…

We need always to remember that on the other side there’s a human being just like us: with feeling, hopes, dreams, frustration, fear, regrets…

Just remember one thing: I love you Mr. Diary, and I know you love me too!

Emily May


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