Dear Mr. Daily… I found me!

Yesterday I missed me!
Today I found me!

Let me explain… I was getting all messed up but then I just realized I am me, Emily and I have a dream.
Or dreams… I believe what I needed was some time to think… And I’m steel on it!

I’m not calling anyone or be with anyone, I want to be myself…

It’s crazy, because when I look back I just wanted friends, maybe a boyfriend… but I took that path and got hurt, got unwanted, got sad and humiliated but really I felt the bottom.

I start growing towards a side that I didn’t even know it was possible to have or to become?
What have I become? With all this?

STRONG! makeit

The best word to put it out! I’m a strong
independent women. Someone can really drive me down, but I have strength! Wether is a friend or someone I really have feelings I don’t need no one else… ok I need you to talk, just because you won’t tell…

I guess when we talk to someone, when we really tell someone how we feel deep inside, I really think that we don’t say it all. We don’t expose yourself, and the second you feel comfortable and you say it, someone else will know it, because it’s deep… and people want deep stuff, complicated stuff, stuff to talk about…

I’m not going to tell you that we are all the same, we aren’t, I’m not like a criminal mind, I don’t think like a psychopath or don’t feel regret when I screw up things with someone I love…
I’m a person who feels, and I was wrong about this world, so I was questioning me, my essence…

But now, I’m free. I’m going to live my life as it goes by, not overthinking, not overprotecting me, because things will hit me if they have, in a sort of stupid way I’m telling you that I believe in faith. Yeah, all the people in the world… I get it. I didn’t once, but now…

I don’t know, I feel like I just need to write this, and tell you this today…

Emily May


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