Dear Mr. Diary… So what?

So what?
I don’t want to see no one, so what?
I don’t want to call Matt, I’m done talking to Jason!

Now that he’s engaged (yes, Jason is engaged to that barbie doll), I don’t know what’s going on he is so mad at me. Why? You ask well don’t now, don’t care.

Yesterday I went out a bit with Sarah I’m helping her with the wedding… It’s kind of a distraction for me.
But she is so… Anxious about it, and I get it, but she has a year and a half I guess…

Evan is stupid too, now that he saw that Jason treats me like a slave he’s trying too, so he forgot that I’m junior partner, and I’m his boss. But I am a woman, so he thinks that this “condition” gives him power to treat me badly? He is soooo wrong. He doesn’t intimidate me.

I get that we live in a world ruled by man but that don’t gives them rights to treat women poorly at work. We get paid less, that’s a fact and we are changing that too, but treat people badly?


So I went to human resources and just complained, I didn’t give him the chance to apologize. I didn’t complain about Jason, because his dad gave me the promotion and I know Jason he’s just, it’s complicated, but I know he doesn’t like his girlfriend too much, but he has his points of view… and he also apologizes, later, but he does that…

Evan doesn’t, and I know this: he saw what Jason did, and I was miserable, that’s a fact. So it was the right opportunity to make me feel even worst. But I do have a brain, and I’m not that type of person. He plays very well Susie, although I’m a woman like her, I’m not her. I’m stronger than Susie, so think twice Evan before you want to play games with me.

And the he just came to me:
“So, you went to HR?” – Evan
“So what? Yes, what you did was wrong. And I’m not going to remember that I’m in charge here and at least you have to respect me. But someone else has to do that, and HR does it very well for me.”
“Ok, I apologize.”
“Nice, have a nice weekend. And this was the last time ok Evan? Bye.”

The look on his face, priceless!!!
So what? I’m a girl, I’m in charge, deal with it!

Emily May


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