Dear Mr. Diary… What was I thinking?

I just want to forget this day... and last night too.I just couldn't even write to you.Yes, I called him and he was so stupid to me. He said that he can talk to me the way he wants. He called me stupid and that's when I lost it:"Ok Jason, now it's my turn. We... Continue Reading →


Dear Mr. Diary… Work time!

Hi there Mr. !First day of work with Jason working side by side with me, because he doesn't have an office and while this isn't happening, I'm stuck with him at my office.I suggested two tables to Miss Winter (I know it's Summer!), she was so cold today.... She always liked Jason, but I think... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Diary… The kiss!

Hi there Mr. Diary,I haven't been with the girls and I really need to talk to them all.I was with Jason tonight...We had a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.I was to upset to talk to him but I started:"So, you're only with this Harper girl, because you have business with her rich daddy?""No, Em...... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Diary… He’s back!

Oh God,You can't imagine what happened today at work...I was doing some stuff that Miss Summer asked me, when somebody knocked at my door.Yes, there he was, with his brown honey eyes staring at me:"Hi there Emily!""Hi! Jason, you're back?" - Me"Maybe, you should ask my father, he has the answer!" - JasonAnd then we... Continue Reading →

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